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    Meet Dr. Lillian Thomas Your Winston-Salem, NC Chiropractor

    Dr. Lillian was led to becoming a chiropractor at a very early age. She started being seen by a chiropractor at age 9 after being in a car accident with her parents. She accompanied her mother to the chiropractor and through that experience she was drawn to natural medicine. At age 15 Dr. Lillian was dreaming of becoming a famous actor, but by chance got to visit a natural health clinic and school, and in that visit reignite her passion for natural healing and her awe of the body. It was at this time that she made the decision that becoming a chiropractor was what she was meant to do and started to pursue the path. While in chiropractic school at Sherman College in SC, she was educated in chiropractic philosophy and marveled at the bodies innate wisdom to heal itself. At this early time in her career it became even more clear that she had chosen the correct path.

    She graduated with her Doctorate of Chiropractic (DC) degree in December 2009 at age 25.Since then she has been honored to be a chiropractor and witness the miracles of transformation and healing with her patients in her office. 

    Dr. Lillian practices a gentle, light force technique and is trained in preconception health, fertility, prenatal, pregnancy and postpartum care. 

    Dr. Lillian has a deep passion for healing and for reconnecting people to their true inner light and health.

    It is her deep desire to awaken the healing potential in others and to inspire and educate them on a new way to unlock their health and healing. 

    She is passionate about serving women and families. Her goal is to help couples achieve the family they've been dreaming of(preconception health and fertility). 

    When not in the practice Dr. Lillian enjoys spending time with her husband Hernando and their dog Jamba. 

    Dr. Lillian looks forward to connecting with you and your family as your Winston-Salem, NC Chiropractor.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I've been deathly afraid of chiropractors since I was in high school and had a bad experience with one. Lillian changed my tune! she is one of the nicest, most caring professionals I have ever dealt with. She is understanding and sensitive to her patients. I highly recommend her!"
  • "I'm super impressed with Dr. Lillian's healing touch and remarkable understanding of the human spine. I've only had 2 adjustments and I can feel the work going on afterwards. Very helpful."
  • "Adjustments with Lillian have been transformative. I love Lillian's gentle approach(she's never jostling me around and twisting my spine like all the other chiropractors I've had in the past). I can't imagine going to see anyone else, Lillian is one of a kind!"