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Meet the Doctor

Meet Dr. Lillian Thomas

I’m an Asheville, NC chiropractor and have been practicing since 2010. I absolutely love what I do and would be honored to share it with you.

My speciality is working with women who suffer from chronic pain, stress, lack of energy and many other problems.

I love working with women in particular because I believe they hold up the world. Women are amazing! They run businesses, have careers, but also look after their partners, children, and parents. They are the decision-makers for healthcare in their families. But more often than not, they put themselves last. I want women to feel the weight lifted off their shoulders so they can continue to hold up the world for a better future for our community.


My Background


I was born and grew up in Australia, but found my home in the mountains of North Carolina.
My first experience with chiropractic was after I was in a car accident with my family at the age of 9. My mother went to the chiropractor because of neck pain after the accident and brought me along; I’ve been going ever since. It was just 6 years later that I decided that I wanted to be a chiropractor when I grew up. With the encouragement from my family and a spiritual teacher, I set on the path that led me here today.

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